Art is a funny thing, ideas come to you and must be created in the moment of inspiration. That is how four fairies and a cow came to be. 

I had the inspiration to create a scrabble tooth fairy that could sit on a table or desk and wait for that magical moment when the tooth fairy came and left a dollor or two underneath. While molding the four enchanted little fairies one piece of clay took on a shape all its own... a cow appeared. I exclaimed "Holy Cow"! and so it became four fairies and a cow. 

Each Fairy has their own special personality, from the smallest to the largest. And each tooth is uniquly sitting with them waiting for that special moment when someone looses a tooth and they can collect the treasure. The cow just wandered in and has a marvelous campy personality. You can check these new charaters out in the shop as soon as their glossy sealant dries. 

I have heard the whispers... they can't wait to meet you and be part of your home.